Bravo Tango is an agile and responsive growth company that delivers the right talent and solutions often in the most challenging environments. Our Executive Leadership encompasses over 50 years of operational leadership supporting the Department of Defense.  Our high standards, specialized talent, and customized solutions make us the prime choice in all facets of operational support. Bravo Tango fills the gap to help you get the job done. Our services include Interim and Full/Part-Time Executive Leadership, Information Technology Support, Linguistic Support, Project Management, Facility Support, Crisis Management, Facility Management and Professional Services.

We partner with clients and help them achieve their goals during changes, surges, or transitional periods. Bravo Tango  is much more than a consulting company; we outsource effective leadership. We work with you to understand your needs, and improve your processes, systems, methods and procedures to reduce inefficiency and boost productivity. In helping your organization achieve your goals and move to the next level, we become a part of your team.

Get the support you need, when you need it. Bravo Tango  is able to quickly fill the gaps with long or short-term surges, so that you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Core Operation Solutions:

  • Readiness
  • Management Consulting
  • Nation Building Capacity/Capability Enhancement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Special Operations Support
  • Port and Terminal Operations
  • Homeland Security
  • Linguist Support
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Training/Curriculum Development
  • Emergency Planning/Preparedness
  • Exercise Support
  • Facilities Support
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Management
  • Professional Support Services
  • IT Solutions

Linguist Support

Timely, accurate communication is essential to mission success, whether the need is person-to-person interpretation or document translation, regarding military, diplomatic, or business affairs. Boasting an exceptional record, Bravo Tango  brings best in class skills to language resources, a key aspect of Bravo Tango ’s business. In a globalized society, the need to overcome language barriers is vital. Bravo Tango  offers an unrivaled array of advanced language resources to provide and manage qualified and responsive linguists. Bravo Tango ’s linguists are cleared up to Top Secret (TS), Special Background Investigation (SBI), and Special Compartmented Information (SCI).

Nation Building Capacity/Capability Enhancement 

Bravo Tango  builds capacity within emerging environments and helps support the development of local infrastructure. We approach capacity building by prioritizing the clients requirements, goals and analyzing the area of focuses’ leadership and organizational development.  By proxy or directly, we will work with local clients, assess their current capabilities and identify and prioritize gaps in capacity. Then, in concert with eternal and peripheral stakeholders, we customize a capacity-building strategy that is also closely aligned with client priorities and ongoing development efforts.  Synergistic lanes of operations are key to building capacity within a complex environment.

With operational experience regarding capacity building/enhancement, Bravo Tango  is able to provide direct assistance and  provide training and advisory services to governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) deployed in support of indigenous infrastructure. We can leverage our assessment tools to analyze the effectiveness of a variety of social, economic and political development projects.

Bravo Tango  ultimately seeks to build capacity in both companies and communities.  We help develop local media outlets and the infrastructure that supports them, which in turn attracts additional capital to these frontier markets. New investment then produces spillover effects that benefit local communities and deepens and reinforces the capacity we’ve already built. These inflows also create demand for investment and capacity in other critical areas, most notably higher education and training, which are key drivers of sustained economic growth.

Emergency/ Crisis Management and Disaster Preparedness

Bravo Tango  provides emergency/crisis management services to public, corporate, foreign, nonprofit organizations as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our services include planning, mitigation, response, and recovery for emergencies and disasters. Specific services include:

  • Review and assessment of emergency response plans
  • Facilitation and drill/exercise preparation
  • Development of Emergency Operations Plans, Functional Annexes and Supporting Documents
  • Business continuity and mitigation planning; better known as Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
  • Risk analysis
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments

Information Technology Solutions

Bravo Tango  applies unique technology solutions to clients to increase productivity, maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

Our approach provides an ideal foundation for a successful solution, then using powerful high-tech development tools, our consultants will help build your system from the ground up, based upon your unique requirements. We do not offer “shrink-wrapped” or “cookie-cutter” solutions. We believe the technology supporting our client’s operations should reflect the specific necessities or requirements of their organization.

Bravo Tango  is well-versed in providing telecommunications engineering, design, consulting and installation services. Voice, Data and Video solutions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Arial Construction
  • Utility Relocation
  • Engineering Services
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Wiring/Cable
  • EMT and Rigid Pathways
  • Energy Management Systems
  • CAT S -CAT S Cabling
  • Voice Data and COAX Workstations
  • Voice Data Fiber and COAX Terminations
  • Management Runway and Tray Installations
  • Rock and Panel Installations
  • Closed Circuit TV Design/Install
  • Project Management
  • Utility Relocation Designs
  • System Maintenance
  • Networking/Data
  • Consulting and Training
  • Public Address System

Training/Curriculum Support

Bravo Tango  provides live, virtual, development and training services to government and civilian organizations worldwide. Whether in the field or the classroom, preparation is the proven key to success. Through training/curriculum solutions, Bravo Tango  delivers focused operational support and training locally and abroad. Bravo Tango  will assist in developing relevant curriculum standards as well as executing platform instruction.  In today’s rapidly-changing environment, training and preparation is critical.

Special Operations Support

Special Operation Forces (SOF) are the elite forces supporting our nations interests, In order to support the “Tip of the Spear”, a special breed of support personnel are needed that understand dynamic requirements. Bravo Tango  brings relevant worldwide, inter-agency experience to our clients, and are experts at combining multi-discipline intelligence and Special Operations. The Special Operations and Intelligence Communities are small and unique.  Bravo Tango  has taken time to select highly skilled technicians from within our country’s most elite units and agencies.

Port and Terminal Operations

Bravo Tango  has extensive experience in seaport operations, optimizations and process design. Operations’ planning is a specialty of Bravo Tango  whereby the focus is on sharing best practices regarding:

  • Operations organization
  • Operations strategy
  • Operation processes
  • Planning of rail, gate, yard and waterside operation
  • Local union regulations/rules
  • Operations master planning

An operations master plan typically consists of a description of the operation processes and information flow in sufficient detail to provide appropriate information to the suppliers of TOS supplier, GDPS, automatic gate, and truck appointment system. This allows the IT-systems and automation technology to support the best practice operation based on local conditions.