Bravo Tango  is keen to the Risks and Awards involved in all intelligence operations. Detection of hostile intent is a nation’s first line of defense. With experienced, high-caliber intelligence professionals available for training or deployment, Bravo Tango  contributes to the intelligence assets arrayed against domestic or international threats. Intelligence has always been a people business, demanding a group that is diverse in its background and individual intelligence specialties, but unified in its commitment to accuracy and good judgment. All of Bravo Tango ’s personnel maintain current Top Secret (TS), Special Background Investigation (SBI), Special Compartmented Information (SCI) clearances.

In support of deployed contingency operations, Bravo Tango  provides intelligence support at the national/strategic level, as well as the deployed/theater level.

Bravo Tango  supports the Intelligence Community by providing highly-qualified subject matter experts and multi-discipline analysts; Counterintelligence, Signal Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. We are capable of inserting intelligence support professionals rapidly within your organization in support of full-spectrum operations.

Our intelligence teams operate in support of the mission requirements to help ensure mission success in all facilities from a Combatant Command to a Regional Law Enforcement Center. Bravo Tango  professionals are prepared to be deployed to support any contingency local or world-wide.

Bravo Tango  is equipped to employ a variety of quantitative and qualitative tools to effectively determine accessible as well as inaccessible public perceptions, and the messages most likely to influence them.  These tools are uniquely matched to unstable or conflict environments, where access to information is difficult to obtain.  We also utilize both scientifically and culturally-sensitive methods to include survey research, focus groups, and other human terrain mapping techniques.  The intelligence we collect is subsequently merged with open source data to generate comprehensive economic, political and cultural analysis tailored to your organization’s needs.

Core Intelligence Solutions:

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Intelligence Operations Support
  • Intelligence Collection Support
  • Targeting Support
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Geospatial Intelligence Support
  • Counterintelligence
  • Human Intelligence